Monday, December 2, 2013

websites u should see

Yolo everyone! these are some of my suggestions, blogs that you should see! they are my friends they make such crative stuff !!

youtube channel

Hey Guys so I just post a youtube video in my channel. It’s my firs’t video. I know disappointing, but I hope you guys check it out!!.. oh yeah! i forgot to tell you guys the channel its kayds putri johari.. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

DIY antiqued layered necklace

Helloo everybodeh! so to day i'm going to show you guys a DIY of how to make an antiqued layered necklace. its very stylish and super cute. so lets get started..

what you need:
clear glue, super glue, brown paint, gold leaf pen+brush, scissors, clasps+findings, old jewelry, clock pendant, chain and suede tie. 
first. gather charms, any kind that you find from your old jewelry. after you find all the charms its time to distress them! 
second. to make them look rusty and old, mix clear glue and some brown paint. after doing that, lightly brush on the glue mixture to all the charms. it will create an old rusty texture. 
third. use a clean brush and dab it on the charm to tough up the glue a little. and add just a touch of brown paint. 
forth. cut a small piece of suede tie. and soak it in the water for about 1 hour. add on the charms using the jump rings. 
fifth. put a jump string and clasp on the end of each string. and put all the charms and ta-da! youre finish!

this DIY is not made by me. its by wonderland wardrobe. hehe to understand more you can see the video here.